This is something I’ve been working on lately. I’m close to finished with it and really liking how it sounds but not yet ready to share it. Thought I’d still give a preview, though.

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a Twitch stream here and there and I’m now slowly uploading them all to YouTube. I haven’t had time to properly promote them on both my website and Tumblr. Here’s is the first of the few, my second run in Watch Dogs. I will be posting the rest of the ones I currently have posted on YouTube shortly after posting this.

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This is a different instrumental song I wrote for a podcast I was asked to be a part of. You can listen to the podcast and check out the official Rooster Teeth Group and Twitter below! This song is also available for download!

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The Lounge Podcast

Rooster Teeth Group


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Let’s Play Grand Theft Auto V #9

This is the conclusion to this run of our GTA V session. Actually, we recorded another run over the weekend that I was about to edit but I guess the file became corrupted. So there might not be any new GTA V vids (or vids in general) for a little while. More info here;

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Linkin Park vs. Avicii - Uncertain Sound

Songs used: LIES GREED MISERY by Linkin Park, Levels by Avicii

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